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Petersfield Logs & Coal

Petersfield Logs & Coal have been supplying quality fuels to Petersfield and district since 1995, we are a small family run business based at Upper Downgate Farm in Steep Marsh.

After many years researching the best timber for fuels, we have chosen Ash as the main stay for our premium quality loads. It burns hot and slowly, leaving minimal residue and minimum deposits in your chimney hearth or flue lining.

All our timber comes from FSC Woodland within a 15 mile radius. FSC certification is voluntary and shows that forests are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable manner. Our timber is seasoned/air dried for a minimum of 24 months.

Our Premium quality ash loads are majority Ash, which is the best money can buy.

We now also deliver netted sacks. Netted sacks are ideal for people with limited space, difficult vehicular access, or occasional fire users. 1 tonne capacity bulk bags are also available for delivery or collection they offer great value but are also a very convenient way of having larger quantities of loose logs delivered. Petersfield logs & coal also supply a range of coal products in 20kg sealed sacks. These are easy to move but still offer great value for money. Browse our site to see what other fantastic products we provide.

The benefits of using wood as fuel are many:

Burning logs is carbon neutral as the tree absorbs as much carbon dioxide in its growing life as it gives off during burning, Net carbon emissions are reduced compared to fossil fuels. Switching to wood can reduce heating bills. Sustainably managed wood fuels are a renewable source of energy. Wood fuels create and sustain rural jobs.


Our shop open every Saturday from 0800 -1500
stocked with plenty of net sacks, kindling, smokeless coal, heat logs and twizlers.
Everything you’ll need to see you through the winter.


Now that summer is here please see our 2024 summer deals

Chiminear Pack:

2x Netted Sacks
1x Kindling
1x Twizler Firelighters
ONLY £20.00
(Saving £6.50)

BBQ Packs

1x 15kg Restaurant Grade Charcoal
1x Netted Sack
1x Twizler Firelighters
1x Kindling
ONLY £25.00
(Saving £7.50)




Bulk Bags Logs · Coal · Heat · Logs · Kindling

Bulk Bags

1 Tonne capacity bulk bag
(Approximately a cubic metre of logs)

Starting from £120

Coal - All Types

Various Types of Coal available
Sold in 20kg Bags

Starting from £15.50 / Bag

Heat Logs

Made from 100% compressed saw dust
and shavings

Starting from £9.50 / pack


£5.00 per bag or

4 bags for £18

Special Offers


Bags of rough cut kindling

Only £5

Chopping Blocks

Hardwood chopping blocks

Only £15 Each

Woodsure Certified

Petersfield Logs & Coal Firewood Heat Logs Bulk Bags Kindling Covering Liss Liphook Selborne Alton Rogate Clanfield Sheet Steep Buriton Harting Froxfield

We are proud to announce that we are now the only Woodsure accredited fuel supplier in this area with all of our products fully compliant with the new government guidelines.

How to Store your wood

Petersfield Logs & Coal Firewood Heat Logs Bulk Bags Kindling Covering Liss Liphook Selborne Alton Rogate Clanfield Sheet Steep Buriton Harting Froxfield

The wind provides a perfect natural ventilation system. It is the combination of air circulation and ventilation that will ensure your logs are effectively dried, or if using kiln dried logs, kept dry. Many people choose to use an outdoor log store or sometimes simply place the logs onto a pallet and cover with tarpaulin. It is important not to cover your logs completely as this will restrict air circulation, allowing moisture to damage your log supply. Instead, make sure that the sides remain open.